IMG-0694Contact me via e-mail on shadyillustrations@gmail.com

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Illustration with Animation graduate from Manchester School of Art – MMU.

My work consists of both digital and traditional illustration and animations, vibrant colours and a lot of weirdness. I enjoy creating characters and conveying an emotion through them. It might be as simple as “I like bubble tea”, or as complex as a twisted family household.

Throughout the past few years I have been collaborating with videographers, hair salons, music artists and fashion brands, as well as doing commissions whenever I can. My notable works include:

‘Redhill Hair Salon’ Seasonal fliers  2017-2022

’90s Baby’ Music Video 2019

‘Soul31’ EP logo 2019

Painted Cans Commissions 2019

‘Octo-Gambol’ Animated Fashion GIFs 2020